Secondment Report #06 Indonesia meets Germany

The research team from Universitas Padjadjaran (Unpad) continued to get involved in RISE_SMA by visiting the University  Duisburg Essen (UDE) at Duisburg, Germany.  Budi Nurani Ruchjana and Atje Setiawan Abdullah from the Department of Mathematics and Department of Computer Science Unpad visited Duisburg since from August 2019 till 3 September 2019, right after they hosted the Exchange of Bjorn Ross as a Ph.D. Student from the Research Group Professional Communication in Electronic Media/Social MediaUDE to Unpad Jatinangor in West Java, Indonesia.

The aim of the visit was to establish communication on the management of RISE_SMA especially for Unpad as a member from a developing country and to get more detail on an agenda of about the RISE_SMA project, including:

  • Initiate staff exchange between the members of RISE_SMA Consortium
  • Get a discussion on Social Media Analytics for daily life, especially in the Ethno-informatics using Spatial Data Mining for preservation a culture in Indonesia
  • Joint research, joint publication and joint conference on the topic of Data Science for Social Media.

The activities of Unpad Team after the Kick-Off-Meeting in Duisburg on 14-19 April 2019 are continued to do research on Ethno-informatics using Spatial Data Mining to Support Cultural Preservation in West Java, Java Island, and Indonesia. Cultural diversity in Indonesia is a force towards the existence and survival of the country, this is because the Indonesian people are built from various ethnic groups with diverse cultures in it. The development of information and communication technology has an impact on changing the various cultural structures that exist, so there is a concern that cultural diversity in Indonesia will no longer exist or even disappear. Ethno-informatics is the application of information technology in culture. Specifically, the research focuses on Ethno-informatics studies for Toponymy (naming places) and Anthroponymy (naming people) supported by multidisciplinary studies in the fields of history, culture, art, language, economics, communication, mathematics, and statistics.

In almost one month of our visiting time in Duisburg, we identified some points and opportunities we might be able to develop throughout RISE_SMA Project as follows:

  1. To get a discussion with the Ph.D. student for joint publication on Ethno-informatics using Spatial Data Mining to international journal especially in some journal of Information Systems and also Computer Science.
  2. To give a talk and get a discussion with a lecturer and Ph.D. student at the Research Group Professional Communication in Electronic Media/Social Media UDE and Department of Computer Science UDE.
  3. To visit the Library at UDE in Duisburg especially for the topic of the Computer Science field.
  4. To discuss the possibility to do a joint conference in Indonesia on the year 2020, Unpad and 4 Universities in Indonesia together with University Brock Canada will organize the International Conference and the Tenth Workshop on High Dimensional and Data Analysis (HDDA-X) at Sanur-Bali-Indonesia on 12-15 October 2019. All RISE_SMA members are most welcome to be a Plenary Speaker and to get the discussion on Data Science for Social Media.

In our visiting time to UDE, we got the opportunities to get more discussion with expert people on Social Media Analytics at UDE both of the lecturer and the Ph.D. students and also for sightseeing around Duisburg as the one of the nice city in Germany.

In exploring time at Duisburg, we also met one special woman from Subang Regency, West Java-Indonesia at Mulheim who opened the Dayang Sumbi Restaurant of Sundanese food and it is always visited by people in Germany also from the Netherlands. We are very proud that there is a person who always takes care of the culture of Sundanese from Indonesia.  This is one of the proofs that Indonesian always love Indonesia country where ever he/she live.

Budi Nurani Ruchjana is a Professor of Statistics atDepartment of Mathematics, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Universitasn Padjadjaran, Indonesia.Her research interest is Spatio Temporal Modeling, Stochastics Processes, Geostatistics and its applications. She is  an Ambassador of the Committee Women in Mathematics International Mathematical Union (CWM IMU) for Indonesia since 2016 and also a Head of the Indonesian Ethnoscience Studies Center Universitas Padjadjaran since 2017.

Atje Setiawan Abdullah is a Professor of Computer Science at Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Universitas Padjadjaran, Indonesia. His research interests are in the areas of Management and Information System, Data Mining including theoretical and application especially in Ethno-informatics. He is a secretary of the Indonesian Ethnoscience Studies Center Universitas Padjadjaran since 2017.