Secondment Report #08: RISE_SMA from a practitioner’s perspective

In November/December of 2019 I was privileged to get insights to the RISE_SMA project from a practitioner’s perspective. Therefore, I attended various meetings in Sydney (University of Sydney Business School) as well as in Perth (as part of ACIS, the Australasian Conference of Information Systems).

  • On the 26th of November I was allowed to kick of a week about discussions on social media impacts for crisis communication by talking about User Adoption and Change Management in the Digital Age. We had a great discussion with attendees from the Sydney Business School (Australia), the University of Duisburg-Essen (Germany) as well as from the Kristiansand municipality (Norway).
  • On the 29th of November I participated at workshop on Disaster Management and Volunteering in the Digital Age. Given the current situation around the bushfires on the east coast of Australia, we discussed with researchers (e.g. University of New South Wales, University of Wollongong, Macquarie Uni, University of Duisburg-Essen) and practitioners (e.g. New South Wales Emergency, New South Wales Government, New England Population Health) about current practice of crisis management and derived further research areas.
  • During the ACIS I was asked to be one of the experts to talk about Ethical Guidelines for Social Media Analytics.Together with Professor Deborah Bunker (Panel Chair, University of Sydney), Professor Caroline Chan (RMIT), Dr. Christian Ehnis (University of Sydney) and Dr. Sojen Pradhan (UTS) as well as with the audience we debated about what approach Social Media Analytics should take in order to not violate human rights and ethical guidelines.

I learned a lot about the current situation and which areas need to be improved. In conclusion, I am convinced that the research, which is carried out within the RISE_SMA project, will have a significant impact on us when using Social Media Analytics for society and crisis communication. I highly recommend interested practitioners to get connected and participate at offered events.

Bio: Nicholas Frick is Manager of Communication & Collaboration within an internal IT Department at a large agricultural trade and service company in Germany. Before his current position, he worked as a Full Stack Developer as well as an Application Developer and was responsible for the data collection and preparation for eCommerce platforms. Afterwards, he switched to the management level, starting as a Head of Customer Relationship Management. His main tasks were the strategic development and integration of the system into the existing infrastructure as well as the appropriate preparation of data for making a targeted approach of customers. In his current position, he is responsible for maintaining and refining existing communication and collaboration systems followed by the introduction of new technologies to support employees working collaboratively. He is currently involved in the deployment of an enterprise social network and the migration of legacy systems to new, more innovative solutions.